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ExamTrack lets you organise and manage your award life cycle process using a digital system that’s completely customised to your business and help centres take control over the way their sessions are organised.

Enjoy clear audit trails with powerful security measures and insightful reporting. Experience a reduction in administration time and manual data input. Enable and manage quick online payments.

Your award life cycle management is about to transform.


Custom Workflows

The workflow of each qualification can be tuned to match your processes.

Secure Member Portal

Featuring a rich dashboard showing relevant and useful information.

Audit Trail

A full audit trail is included for quality assurance purposes.

Custom Quality Assurance

The built in assesment moderation and quality control system can be tailored to automate your processes.

Secure Payments

With flexible payment integration, ExamTrack has full support for online transactions.

Session Scheduling

Members are able to book and schedule their own examination sessions which allows them greater control.


An introduction to ExamTrack Life Cycle Management

ExamTrack News

Artificial Intelligence Powered Allocation

Powering Allocations with Artificial Intelligence

6th December, 2019

Managing the allocation of examiners and assessors is often a challenging task. ExamTrack has devised mechanisms to employ Artificial Intelligence in the selection of examiners. We are developing many different novel approaches to these types of challenges and using AI for examiner selection is just the beginning.

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Successful ISO27001 Accreditation

8th April, 2019

ExamTrack Successfully Gain ISO27001 Accreditation.

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ExamTrack has greatly improved the administrative processes surrounding our qualifications and awards for our examiners and teachers. The data input burden on our staff here at Head Office is greatly reduced giving us the opportunity to focus on the other tasks and customer requests.

Helen Mence

The Graded Qualifications Alliance

Going paperless was an important objective; helping to support the business’ environmental commitments. ExamTrack was chosen due to their understanding of the key business needs and capacity to deliver the key requirements. We have been impressed with the teams attention to detail and commitment to our business.

Andy Pitts

London Academy of Music & Dramatic Arts

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