What can ExamTrack do?
Using a powerful workflow engine, we’ll design and build a system for you to manage assessments in the simplest, most logical way for your business.

ExamTrack is a one-system approach to award life-cycle management; built to
work with you.

Whatever the industry being assessed, we can create solutions specifically for
your client’s pain points and customise the workflow engine so that it mirrors your
company’s processes. Then, using the powerful reporting engine, puts the data to
work to make better business decisions and achieve growth targets.

ExamTrack Awarding Body Software

our system, your way

We all have our quirks. When it comes to business they can help us stand out and beat the competition. We embrace these differences and incorporate your way of working into the ExamTrack system; fine tuning our product to match your processes. We’ll also customise ExamTrack so that it integrates seamlessly between you and your preferred delivery partners; as well as provide third-party integration so that sending learner data to regulatory agencies is quick and simple.

ExamTrack Awarding Body Software

Intelligent reporting

The diversity of awarding organisations means there are vast amounts of information you may need to provide, at any moment. The powerful reporting engine allows ExamTrack to share precise and customised reporting at the click of a button, so you get the insight behind your assessments. Reports can be automated and scheduled for delivery at specific points in your process or, when the need arises, dynamic and ad-hoc reports can be generated. PDF spreadsheets allow for easy sharing and visualisation of key information and award certificates can even be printed in house, saving you costs.

ExamTrack Awarding Body Software

Quick and easy payments

Give your clients a safer, simpler way to pay with ExamTrack’s online transaction ability. Invoices can also be generated straight out of the system during a point in the process that you choose and synced back to your accounting packages, cutting down on cash handling and processing time for your staff.

ExamTrack Awarding Body Software

Clear auditing

When it comes to assessments, transparency is vital. Our system will give you the security of a full audit trail, so you have a complete and easy-to follow review of your processes.

Tough Security

ExamTrack’s security measures come with two-factor authentication and let you control how your users gain access to the system. This means you can choose who sees what, when it can be viewed, and how long it’s available for. Plus, remove the worry of material circulating before the assessment by uploading and sharing it via the secure member portal. It’s these little details that add together to create our robust security measures.

Robust Quality Control

Maintaining quality assurance comes with so many intricacies and moving parts; it’s a huge process that your centre needs to keep on top of. However, if done manually, this requires a significant amount of time and resource. Our built-in assessment moderation makes quality control effortless. Mirroring your existing processes, ExamTrack will help ensure all marks are within the recommended boundaries. The system will also flag up any anomalies and ensure standardisation.

Handy Messaging and Notifications

Keeping everyone in the loop can often mean long, complicated email threads or lengthy face-to-face catch ups. Now, all stakeholders are notified when actions are required plus you can share messages simply and quickly.