Meet the ExamTrack team
Lorne holds over 20 years experience in IT service delivery and qualification system management, and Gareth comes from a rich background of software engineering and computer security, regularly lecturing to undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Over 15 years in the industry has shown us that the way to successfully manage
awards is with a digital system. Create a streamlined, user-friendly platform.
Protect it with robust security measures. Get rid of the need for paper and
timewasting inefficiencies. Build a powerful reporting engine inside to harness all
that interesting data… And put a business’ unique workflow at the heart of it.

To do all of this, Managing Director Lorne Smith and Technical Director Gareth
Lapworth came up with the one-system approach; ExamTrack.

Every member of the ExamTrack team has been hands on with the design and
build for each one of our clients. So when it comes to developing something new
for your business, answering questions, or providing ongoing support, you’ll have
the experience and knowledge of our entire team behind your system.

ExamTrack Awarding Body Software

Lorne Smith

Managing Director

Co-Founder of ExamTrack, Lorne has been engaged in every stage from concept to implementation. Having over 20 years experience in qualification systems management and IT service delivery, It’s no surprise Lorne gets great satisfaction from engaging with clients and helping them realise the benefits of ExamTrack.

ExamTrack Awarding Body Software

Gareth Lapworth

Technical Director

With a rich background in software engineering and computer security, Gareth leads the software development of ExamTrack. Having worked for academia he still regularly lectures to both undergraduate and postgradate taught students as well as giving expert testimony to the UK judicical system.