Your Questions About ExamTrack Answered

Security and Compliance

  • How secure is the system?

    We are an accredited ISO 27001 technology partner, adhering to the International Organisation for
    Standardisation to provide a best-practice information security management system.

  • Is ExamTrack GDPR compliant?

    ExamTrack comes with a comprehensive data processing agreement which outlines our responsibilities.
    ExamTrack meets all of the relevant standards.

  • Does ExamTrack provide a full audit trail of data?

    Absolutely, it’s a really important part of our system. You’ll have access to a thorough review of your processes
    and user actions to help enhance delivery and check that everything is above board.

  • Where is the ExamTrack data stored?

    All ExamTrack installations are unique and are usually hosted in UK tier 4 data centres

How it works

  • Does ExamTrack deliver e-assessments?

    ExamTrack provides the opportunity for assessors and other staff to enter marks online and via the dedicated app.
    ExamTrack does not offer e-assessment however we can integrate with most recognised e-assessment providers.

  • Does ExamTrack manage qualification compliance?

    ExamTrack ensures that qualification rules are enforced. With powerful reporting, alerts and audit trails,
    ExamTrack helps to ensure service levels are met.

  • Is there a reporting tool?

    There is; custom reports can be created and automated. Regulatory exports and financial data exports
    are all managed using the powerful built-in reporting engine.

  • Does ExamTrack have CRM functionality?

    ExamTrack has the ability to automate customer relationship management with automated communications and detailed analytical data.

  • Can the system process payments?

    Yes ExamTrack’s built-in payment gateway can be integrated with your current finance system.

  • Does ExamTrack offer online marking?

    Yes, assessors, examiners, centre coordinators can all enter marks online as defined by your custom workflow.

  • Does ExamTrack have offline capabilities?

    Yes, our dedicated app allows data to be cached and utilised offline. When the device reconnects, the data is synchronised.

  • Can we use ExamTrack on an iPad or is there an app?

    ExamTrack is a fully responsive web application. Users can gain access from any internet enabled device.

  • Is ExamTrack just for performance-based exams?

    No, we work with a huge variety of industries ranging from the performing arts to healthcare to academia.

Working with us

  • Is ExamTrack an off the shelf system?

    Our workflow engine is customised so we will tailor it specifically to the needs of your business and users.

  • Can we get up and running with ExamTrack immediately?

    We believe discovery and development time is crucial in building the very best system we can.
    To ensure ExamTrack is unique to your business we’ll spend time within your company and with your teams to discover their processes,
    and what current pain points exist.

  • Do we have to pay to get upgrades?

    When we develop new features as part of the standard workflow engine, they will automatically be made available to all of our clients.

  • What ongoing support do we get from ExamTrack?

    Every member of the ExamTrack team has been hands on with the design and build for each one of our clients.
    So when it comes to providing ongoing support you’ll have an entire workforce available at the end of the phone,
    who know exactly how your system works.