The Graded Qualifications Alliance: Reducing administration time by up to 85%

ExamTrack have greatly improved the administrative processes across our qualifications and awards for assessors and teachers. The data input burden on our Head Office staff is now reduced, giving us the opportunity to focus on other tasks and customer requests.

Graded The Graded Qualifications Alliance
Graded Qualifications Alliance

Who they are

The Graded Qualifications Alliance (GQAL) provide award performance qualifications for learners of all ages, from entry-level beginners to experienced pupils. They are the first exam board to offer awards based on graded assessments that recognise the achievements between academic and competency-based qualifications.

What they needed

Across the extensive list of qualifications that GQAL provide, criteria for each one is highly detailed and dependent on its discipline, context, and focus. This made managing assessments a tricky and complex task. Similarly, the logistics of registering and entering a high volume of candidates, along with scheduling and coordinating external assessments, took a lot of administration time. As did the means to record, process, and issue results. GQAL were looking for a streamlined and easy-to-follow process for managing assessments, which also provided significant improvements to their administration process.

The results

After mapping out GQAL’s workflow, we worked with their team to discover more about their processes and how ExamTrack could be built to refine them. This resulted in:

  • Streamlined processes, making it easy to administer documents to clients and even simpler to follow them up.
  • Tighter security and a reduction in postage costs; with paper forms being sent digitally there was now no need to post potentially valuable and sensitive content.
  • Exam session paperwork automated reducing manual entry.
  • Improved system access for assessors which in turn provided better efficiencies and more time for staff to complete administration tasks.
  • Removing the potential concern of delayed or lost post by having everything online.